Danish Football Supporters (DFF)

Danish Football Supporters (DFF) was founded in the fall of 2003 by an assembly of representatives from the official football fanclubs. In Danish known as Danske Fodbold Fans.

DFF was formerly known as “Superligaens Fanklub Forening” (founded 1992) and served as a network for the fanclubs with clubs playing in the premier league.

However a greater forum was needed in order to better organize fan interests so the Federation of Danish Football Fanclubs was created to serve as an umbrella organization for the official football fanclubs i.e. fanclubs that have been recognised by their respective football clubs.

The members of DFF include football fan clubs of the clubs playing in the Premier League (Superligaen), the divisions and the national team.

The reorganization of the federation meant a rise in members, which is now 32 football fan clubs that represent more than 50.000 dedicated football fans that show up for the games every week and help create the setting for great football and a fast growing and fascinating fan culture in Denmark.

DFF works to ensure a forum, where the fan clubs can strengthen their mutual collaboration, but also to create a platform, with the purpose of drawing attention to the common matters of the fan clubs.

The federation is composed of a board elected by the members on an annual general assembly. Members are active on three different committees and in ad-hoc working groups.

Among some of DFF´s activities are organizing The Danish Indoor Supporters Championship, FAIR FANS CUP and a yearly football supporters seminar for members.

DFF has set up a standing committee on safety and the prevention of violence, racism and vandalism among the fans. Their work is to look closely at the safety aspects of running a fan club and being a football fan at matches.

It is the purpose of DFF to be a forum for organised Danish football fans and to work together to improve the conditions for football fans.

This in regards to developing the positive fan culture and working with long term strategies to protect the fan base from racist and/or violent influences.

The anti-racism motto of DFF´s members is:
“We care about team colors, not skin colors” – Fair Fans Campaign 2002

Contact us:
To contact the Danish Football Fanclub Federation please send us an e-mail to our secretariat: info@fairfans.dk or call us: +45 40 25 87 43

Postal address to the secretariat:

Danske Fodbold Fans
c/o Christian Kokholm Rothmann
Golfbakken 22 1. 12
DK-9000 Aalborg

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I hope this message finds you well, and congratulations to Danish fans on the win against France yesterday.

    I’m a journalist at Bloomberg News. With the World Cup in Qatar coming up soon, we’re trying to get a sense for how many fans out of Europe are intending to attend the tournament in Qatar. Does your organisation have any information (data would be extremely helpful, but if it’s more of a qualitative picture then that would still be very helpful) on what expectations are for Danish fans to attend the tournament? Also, what is the sense among fans in Denmark in terms of calls to boycott the tournament over its human rights record? Finally, Denmark announced after qualifying it would take six actions to highlight human rights issues. Is that still the plan, and are fans supportive of these actions?

    Thank you very much,

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